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Making crypto payments as easy as they should be

utrust is bringing the power of crypto to online businesses everywhere with the blockchain technology. Crypto payments finally get to be as simple and safe as they should for merchants and buyers.
The utrust Wallet connects to our network of online merchants and allows instant crypto-to-cash payments on the utrust platform. Our system is built to avoid miner fees and stop customers from over or underpaying.
But we don’t stop there! utrust gives you complete buyer protection on your online purchases, and the utrust Wallet will enable you to track the state of all your transactions - anytime, anywhere.

utrust Wallet Features

Everything you need and much more to come. All in one safe spot. Click on each feature to know more.
Instant payments
Processing transactions within the UTRUST platform allows us to cut on blockchain validation waiting times.
No mining fees
Transactions are performed off-chain to avoid processing charges.
Accurate payments
Payments made by scanning the QR code means no more underpayments or overpayments. Furthermore, there’s no need to manually write neither addresses nor amounts.
With the ERC20 protocol now implemented, we’re just a step away from supporting several other tokens as well.
ETC and DigiByte (coming soon)
While these are the next ones in line, we have a few more planned.
Stable coins
We’re looking into supporting at least one stable coin in a near future.
Displayed by general overview or currency.
Transaction filters
Review your transactions details one by one in a simple and intuitive way.
Refund recognition
Allows recognizing refunds beyond credited amounts.
Account settings
Customize your push notifications.
Secure signup/login
Pin code/biometrics and phone number validation. 2-step authentication on sign-up and first login.
Free for everyone
Performing transactions off-chain means sending crypto to friends & family while avoiding processing charges.
Instant sending
Processing these crypto transfers take no waiting time at all between UTRUST wallets.
All you need is your friend’s email or phone number. No more addresses.
Open dispute
We got your back, report issues right on the app by opening a dispute.
Message merchant
Directly discuss with the merchant regarding a payment
Accept refunds
Ensure whether you want to accept a refund provided by a merchant or escalate to a claim.
Stable coins
Exchange to stable coins and any other currencies supported by the wallet.
Split payments
Making payments with split amounts of different currencies (eg. 20% BTC and 80% ETH).
No providers needed
You won’t need any other providers to enter the crypto space.
Not limited to crypto
We will do fiat to crypto conversions to make onboarding of new users as easy as it should be.
Wallet Demo

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